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Armoy Primary School, Armoy, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the busy and exciting world of P6/7. We have had such a busy and brilliant start to the term so far and have loved getting settled back into school. There have been a lot of changes but I am so proud of how everyone has settled into our new classroom and routines. 

Every day is jam packed full of exciting activities and learning in our room starting with times tables practice and Accelerated reading every morning. We have all been working so hard towards our own targets and have loved getting rewarded with ClassDojo points for all our hard work. 

Our topic this term is "Unsinkables" with a special focus on Titanic. This is such an exciting topic to explore especially as Titanic was built in Belfast. We have enjoyed reading our new novel, Titanic:Death on the Water which gives an account of the sinking from someone who is local to the Belfast area.

In Literacy, we have been working hard on all our spellings, grammar, reading and writing skills. Our class novel this term, The Demon Dentist, is from one of our favourite authors, David Walliams. We have been having so much fun reading it together as a class and using it throughout our weekly lessons. In reading and comprehension lessons we have been focusing on individual reading skills using our Reading Dogs. So far we have learned all about Predicting Pip, Rex the Retriever, Vocabulary Victor and Inference Iggy and Mrs Barr has been so proud of all our progress. We have also been learning all about recount writing and have had so much fun writing our own postcards and letters, making sure to include all the key features of the style and lots of detail too, of course! 

In Numeracy, we have been very busy looking at lots of different areas of learning using our four operations. We have loved exploring place value, fractions, 3D shape and mental strategies. Each week we also do problem solving on a Friday and have really enjoyed learning all about our new IZAK9 problem solving resource. On top of all that we have been working so hard on our times tables and have loved all our weekly challenges and games. 

We all have our own jobs in our classroom and have also elected members of the Student Council and Eco Council this term. We have had some exciting visitors, been building our ICT skills and have been learning lots of new skills and games each week in PE. 

We can't wait to share more of the exciting things happening in our room with you throughout the year!